Known Alien Races

Abhuman (Most people)


Varjellan – Reptilian/fish looking creatures with bulbous eyes and colored skin. Characterized by their “Crucibles,” which are open able compartments in their chests which they use somewhat daily to rearrange their organs.


Mutants – Characterized by many things. One might not even realize they are in the presence of a mutant. However, sometimes the tentacle for an arm makes it somewhat obvious.


Diruk – Slow, lumbering, yet incredibly strong rock peoples from a far away planet. Genderless. Those made of finer minerals have a higher place in society.


Golthiar – Monocular humanoid characterized by bark-like skin and woody muscles. Need to cover themselves in dirt and receive sunlight regularly. Very purposeful, driven, and diverse race.


Nalurus – Mostly human, but affected by a terrible disease. The disease leaves a purple geometric tattoo on a humans face. If seen by a human, can easily melt their brain and sear their face, killing them near instantly. A vast majority of the race wear long hoods or masks at all times to prevent the spread of their disease.


Mlox – Almost indistinguishable from humans, unless their “third eye” is open. The third eye opens the gateway to their almost entirely mechanical brain, increases their ability to process their surroundings.


Sallus – Generally tall with grey or blueish skin and no mouths. This race communicates through complex sign language using their 6 fingers, each with 4 knuckles. They are natural empaths, and overall generally peaceful.


Vilval – Gray skin and 8 noodly legs that can secrete an adaptive ooze that lets them slide, stick, or even burn with their legs. Very intelligent, but also volatile and cruel. Caste system based on head shape, but shape is indistinguishable to all but Vilval.


Known Alien Races

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