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You are part of the Zestreen Mercenary Company (ZMC) and work as a mercenary in one of the company’s many branches. Your branch is run by Ilminor Visigothi, a man who loves organization and controls his branch well. The campaign begins soon after the end of the 8th world. ZMC formed shortly after to help give some mind and muscle to those in need… but mostly those with enough shins to afford it. Most of you are no strangers to each other, as you have done many jobs for Ilminor before. Some of you have fought together, killed together or worse, but at the end of the day Ilminor pays you your cut and you await your next assignment. You rarely know from where the contracts come, but it usually isn’t your place to question. Some of you are new to ZMC or just transferred to Ilminor’s branch, but what matters is you are all here now, and Ilminor has another contract.

Venture Vein is a mining company that also popped up after the fall of the 8th world. They have located an underground vault of precious metals and old world tech underneath a small town in The Black Riage. They sent in miners to get at the material but the miners were all brutally murdered by a bandit group calling themselves “The Seven.” Venture Vein hired your branch of ZMC to go to the small town and kick the bandits out so they can begin mining. Ilminor has decided to dispatch your group to the town immediately, and asks that you keep him posted on your progress.

The Players:

Luke – Graceful Jack who Fights with Panache “*” Jarlaxle
Bryan – Intelligent*** Nano who Works Miracles “*” Smarty McHealy Pants
Churchill (if playing) – Stealthy Jack who Murders "***"Murder Face
Jordan – Vengeful Glaive who Employs Magnetism "***"Magneto
Milo – Mechanical Nano who Creates Unique Objects “Dr. Doom”
Noah – Droalic Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel “Steeltooth”
Alex – Tough*** Glaive who Controls Gravity "Colossus

Glenn's Numenera Campaign

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